Wir sind gerührt.

Marc Chiles, der Sohn von Larry, der einer unserer Hauptprotagonisten im Film ist, hat auf Facebook eine Nachricht hinterlassen, die uns sehr berührt hat. Deshalb wollen wir sie hier teilen:

As most of you know I lost my father to cancer last year he fought a tough battle but in the end he lost. What most of you may or may not know while he was in remission he took part in what I think was the highlight of his life, he returned to Berlin to go back in time and visit the city he served in at check point Charlie in Berlin ,he went back to the place he met my mother and the church they were married in. It was all part of a reunion tour that was fully documented and now has become a full blown documentary, the film crews also visited us in the states and for our family this took our minds off cancer and my father had a glow to him that no words could describe. We were fortunate to get an unfinished copy and watch it with my dad while he lay in a hospital bed in the cleveland clinic a little more than a month before he died and for that hour and a half my father once again was alive living through the lenses of a camera. One of the people who brought this happiness to my father Patrick Meyer has reached out to me and asked if there was any way I could help spread the word that in order to finish the documentary they need some financial help so I am asking anyone who reads this to at least take the time to read what this is about watch the trailer that they have and if possible please donate. This is no scam no BS I have met these wonderful people sat in my mom and dads house and talked with them hell I'm in the documentary. Bottom line is that if I could fund this myself in the memory of my father I would but I can't so I'm reaching out to the world to please help anyway you can so that maybe one day soon I can see my dad on the big screen larger than life one more time. Thank you for this lasting memory of my father Patrick and Annette Schneider.

Larry beim Schulbesuch in Berlin.

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